Telephonic Nurse Triage

Learn how telephonic nurse triage and early intervention work together to reduce MSD injuries.

The concept of telephonic nurse triage has been around for nearly 20 years and has a good track record of providing care and reducing claims for employers. The problem with most of the companies who offer this service is they still offer the same system and technology platform that they did when they started.

We Provide 24/7 Direct Access to RNs

With our partnership with TriageNow, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge technology and the best services to help ensure the most effective approach to employee injury care. We know that the true measure of the service is not just dollars and claims saved, but how your employees are treated during the unfortunate experience of a workplace injury. That is why every caller to the triage line will speak with a registered nurse. If needed your preferred clinics are built into our system, allowing our nurses to guide employees to the appropriate level of care.

We Utilize Military Field-Based Medical Algorithms

At the heart of every triage service is the use of medical algorithms.  Instead of using traditional hospital-based algorithms that more frequently lead to clinical care, we use a military field-based triage approach that is more applicable for the workplace. Our approach will start care where the injury occurs and determine IF clinical care is needed.  Our approach reduces the need for clinical care and injury claims an average of 40%.

We Integrate Onsite and At-Clinic Early Intervention Services

If you struggle with costly musculoskeletal injuries, we can integrate our 24/7 telephonic nurse triage service with full- or part-time onsite medical professionals or our nationwide network of physical therapy clinics. These experts in musculoskeletal injuries will provide face-to-face support to further assess the injury, provide OSHA allowable first-aid to address the symptoms, and visit the worksite to identify the root cause of the concern and provide recommendations to reduce risk. Our hands on approach typically resolves 85 - 95% of presented cases without becoming a reportable injury.

We Provide Both Care and Savings

Getting the right medical care for an injury is key to employee health, improving worker readiness, and controlling costs.  We help ensure your injured employees get the care they need while simultaneously reducing you workers’ compensation claims and costs.

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