Become a Service Provider

We need your talent and we’re offering you cash-based payment, full support, and a new channel of service opportunities. Best of all, there is no cost to become a Service Provider – no license or training fees involved.

We simply partner with you to meet our clients’ needs on-site or in your offices. Atlas services include tasks you may already perform, such as:

  • Post-offer pre-employment screens
  • Individual office ergonomic assessments
  • Jobs demands analysis
  • Stretch coaching
  • On-site early intervention/physical therapy
  • Sleep apnea services
  • Wellness services

In addition, our management team shares a vast background in physical therapy so our business and service approach is developed around the nuances of a PT business. We get what you do.

Do What You Do Best

As an Atlas Service Provider, you don’t have to learn a new methodology or take on unfamiliar tasks. Atlas Service Providers are offered opportunities that match their current skills and specialties. Here are examples of just a few of the duties our Service Providers perform:

  • Compiling data on job tasks and employee work habits
  • Assessing employee risks using observation, interaction, software, and data
  • Creating solutions
  • Training employees on causes of pain and pain avoidance
  • Conducting workstation/vehicle ergonomic fitting/adjustment
  • Following up with high-risk employees and those requiring additional/alternative solutions

You get to do what you do best. We get to serve clients across the country and provide them with qualified, expert support right in their community.

Plus, as a Service Provider, you benefit from Atlas’ national presence. We speak and exhibit at major trade shows. We publish and advertise in industry publications. We build relationships with Atlas Network Partners who promote our services and nationwide reach to potential clients. We secure the sales and partner with you to ensure our clients are served well.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Serving our clients well is our utmost concern. That’s why our Atlas Service Providers are selected carefully based on our Service Provider requirements. All Atlas Service Providers must:

  • Have qualified staff. Qualifications are based on an individual’s education and service specific training and experience. For most services, your staff must pass an online examination (at no cost).
  • Have staff located near client sites. We want to minimize travel costs, so we look for Service Providers typically within 30 minutes or fewer (one way) of a client site.
  • Sign and satisfactorily meet the requirements of each client subcontract including a non-compete agreement targeted at that client and service.

Want to be considered for other services your staff doesn’t currently provide? Purely as an option we’ll train your people to provide even more services, increasing your opportunities with Atlas. We train you at your location. Costs of training vary based on the type of training and the number of training modules you choose. For more information, contact us.

Become a Service Provider Today

Becoming an Atlas Service Provider is easy. Simply follow the following link and complete a Service Provider Profile for each of your clinic locations:

Once we receive your information, you will be entered into our database and a we may approach you with potential service opportunities. You’re free to accept or turn down any opportunities for any reason. (However, once you sign a service contract, you must abide by the terms of the contract to assure the client’s needs are met.)

Additional cash-based revenue at no cost to you  – become an Atlas Service Provider today.

Contact For more information, contact us