Physical Ability Screening Software

Better Reports = Better Results

You put a lot of effort into building your physical ability pre-employment screening process. What if your program isn’t working like you’d hoped?

AtlasAuditor™ can show you where your pre-employment screen program is succeeding and, more importantly, where it is not. The web-based solution analyzes screen data and delivers customizable reports showing program performance from a human resource, recruiting, and legal perspective.


  • Manages individual pre-employment screen data from all your test locations
  • Allows you to search screen results by name, test period, location or result
  • Identifies applicant demographics, filtering by test period or location
  • Shows pass/fail rates by protected class, test steps, and test location
  • Highlights EEOC compliance issues for faster resolution

With AtlasAuditor™, you get better data management and better reports.

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