At-Clinic Early Intervention

Here is an excellent short video discussing Workplace Early Intervention Solutions.

For employers with only a few employees in one location, a dispersed workforce, and/or a limited budget to deploy services, At-Clinic Early Intervention may be a better service fit. This option provides as-needed access to a therapist or athletic trainer who are experts in musculoskeletal assessment and care. Services are provided within 24 business hours and are a less expensive non-reportable alternative option to emergency or urgent care centers. Atlas offers this program standalone or as supplement to an Onsite Early Intervention program.

We Address Symptoms

In many situations, employee or your industrial athlete discomfort can be addressed with first aid. However, it is crucial for a medically qualified individual to first assess the situation correctly and determine the proper course of action. It is equally important to address symptoms initially through first aid measures. First aid care including ice or heat, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, elastic tape or non-rigid splinting, and postural balance stretching are some of the interventions provided.

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