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Eliminating injuries and associated costs in manufacturing and industrial environment has its challenges: inadequate understanding of the physical requirements of each job, high injury risk potential, and an ineffective integration of injured workers back into the workforce. These challenges can be further compounded by a lack of buy-in and participation from key stakeholders (human resources, operations, safety, loss prevention, and workers’ compensation).

AtlasWork™ provides a simple, fully integrated approach to overcome these challenges.

Managing Requirements, Risk, and Restrictions

AtlasWork™, a web-based, user-friendly solution, helps you more accurately understand and manage the “three R’s” of your work.


  • Record the requirements of jobs and work tasks including physical demands, work procedures, and unlimited media (photos & video).


  • Quantify and prioritize ergonomic risk using industry accepted risk analysis tools
  • Identify and record solutions, track closure, and verify injury risk is reduced
  • Proactively identify potential injuries through discomfort surveys


  • Drive timely job demands updates, assuring job requirements are accurate and up to date
  • Compare restrictions to job demands, identifying the safest match and where accommodations are needed to help assure safe, effective return to work

Eliminating Silos

Great data is worthless unless it is readily available, easily interpreted, and used consistently by key decision makers, both inside and outside your organization. 

AtlasWork™ eliminates silos by providing vital job information to the various groups in your organization. The information can be used for hiring, training, risk management, workers’ compensation…the uses are endless.

AtlasWork™ creates the flow of information by providing controlled access to approved internal and external resources such as:

  • Corporate safety, human resources, and return-to-work experts
  • Occupational health clinics, case managers, ergonomists, and physical therapists

AtlasWork™ also helps you measure the performance of your injury management and prevention program through dashboards that:

  • Measure and monitor program performance, including incident rates and costs, employee discomfort, ergonomic risk, and program status
  • Analyze key metric data by department, job, body part, etc. to better understand what drives performance.

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