Here is a short video discussing Stretching Solutions.

With musculoskeletal disorders accounting for $1 out of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation, occupational injuries continue to create significant impact on workflow and productivity. Your employees need to be treated like industrial athletes. That’s why Atlas offers a variety of stretching program options designed to reduce muscle strain, increase blood flow, and help alleviate minor pain associated with repetitive motion, forceful activities, or static/awkward positions.

We Offer Stretch It Out!® Onsite

Atlas has partnered with Ege WorkSmart Solutions to provide a simple, cost effective, and ready-to-implement stretching program designed for any environment.

The solution starts with SIO!© materials including:

  • SIO!® Employer user’s site license

  • SIO!®  Employer User Manual that outlines the role of stretching in safety, the physiology of stretching, a step-by-step implementation guide, methods to monitor results, and strategies for long-term sustainability

  • 10 SIO!®  Stretch Coach Handbooks with illustrations of all 40 stretches & movements

  • SIO!®  Training DVD Resource (set of four DVDs that bring the printed resources to “life”)

We combine the materials with:

  • Telephonic pre- and post-launch support

  • On-site training for your stretch coaches through Atlas’ nationwide network of professionals

If you don’t need launch support or onsite training, we offer a 10% discount on the materials. Simply order SIO!® online at and enter promotion code: AESIO10.

We Offer Customization

Do you want a stretching program specifically designed for your work? We work on-site to review your jobs and their physical demands. We evaluate your injury concerns and design a stretching program that is job-specific, targeting your areas of highest risk. Finally, we provide pre- and post-launch support, as well as on-site training for your stretch coaches. Do you like being unique? We can make that happen.

Contact us via phone or email and we’ll help you create a stretching program that fits your business.



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