Workplace Injury Prevention

Here is an excellent short video discussing our Workplace Injury Prevention Solutions.

We provide the right care at the right cost.

Employers often rely on local emergency departments or urgent care clinics because they don't know where else to go. These options most likely result in higher costs, and days out of work and prescription medications leading to OSHA recordability.

The truth is not every ache and pain requires a doctor. In fact, 90 - 95% of all reports of discomfort can be addressed effectively through OSHA-allowed first aid measures. Atlas can provide personalized care at a lower cost through:

Plus, we work on the cause. Addressing symptoms alone fails to address why the discomfort occurred in the first place. Atlas staff works onsite with the employee to review work methods, identify the root cause of the discomfort, and provide the employer ergonomic guidance or the employee method coaching on how to avoid further injury. Our professionals don’t hide in the clinic—they work where your work gets done.

We provide personalized care, at a lower cost, to help employees who have an ache or a pain remain injury-free and on the job.



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