Here is a brief video discussing our Warehouse and Distribution Ergonomic Solutions.

Atlas works in hundreds of distribution environments across the country; big and small. We understand how moving product can cause serious stress on an employee’s muscles and joints. Overexertion, strained muscles, and particularly back injuries can impact your employees, slow down your delivery schedules, and hurt your bottom line. Through our extensive experience, Atlas provides the solutions you need to protect your industrial athletes and your operations.

We Inventory the Physical Demands of Your Jobs

Each job comes with its own set of physical requirements. Atlas comes on-site to complete a job demands analysis, measuring each job’s essential and non-essential tasks. The job demands analysis provides you the valuable information you need to create accurate job descriptions and will assist you with your limited-duty and return-to-work programs.

We Analyze Risk and Develop Solutions

We analyze the injury risk of each job based on industry-tested and scientifically validated risk assessment tools. We prioritize risk and develop solutions designed to reduce injuries and improve productivity. 

We Provide Training

We provide training to internalize the skills necessary to support the ergonomics program. For all of our training programs, participants can be tested for competency following completion of the training. Some of the training we offer includes:

Effective Job Demands Analysis – a training workshop to teach an organization how to build job descriptions that are accurate and support effective limited-duty and return-to-work programs. Teams learn how to identify, measure, record, and maintain a job’s essential and non-essential functions. 

Ergonomics Team Training – a training workshop to develop an Ergonomics Team that can recognize, evaluate, and control workplace ergonomic hazards.

Ergonomics for Engineers, Six Sigma and Lean – a training workshop for engineers, Six Sigma personnel, and Lean personnel on principles and application of good ergonomic design and how it impacts human performance, productivity, and quality.

Ergonomics for Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Managers – a training class for site leadership to ensure ergonomics hazards are identified and addressed as part of normal operational responsibility, and to coach employees on proper work practices.

Ergonomics for Employees – a training class for employees to learn solid, practical ergonomic principles that can be applied regardless of where you are (e.g., assembly, manufacturing, distribution, home).

Whether you want our team or your team to do the work, we are here to help you succeed. 

We Implement Solutions Quickly

Through Kaizen events, Atlas facilitates the implementation of immediate improvements to areas to reduce the risk of injury and improve operational efficiency. Through these events participants learn the skills necessary to assess and correct ergonomic issues in the workplace, and we help improve the site safety culture.

We Offer a Unique Option

Through the use of AtlasWork™, Atlas can help you manage all of the ergonomics program data and use it more effectively. For example, you can take the guess work out of your return-to-work program by accurately comparing job demands to an injured employee’s restrictions. AtlasWork™ provides you more than any other ergonomic program can offer. Learn More

Implementing an Atlas solution is easy. 



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