Moving product in a distribution environment can cause serious muscle and joint stress. Overexertion, strained muscles, and particularly back injuries can impact your industrial athletes, slow down your delivery schedules, and hurt your bottom line.

Through our extensive experience, Atlas provides the solutions you need to protect your employees and your operations. We work with hundreds of warehouses to help you improve worker readiness, optimize safety and productivity, and realize significant cost savings through a comprehensive approach to injury prevention and worker well-being.

We start with a customized approach

For any manufacturing organization, cost containment and safety are the primary objectives—which is why Atlas has built a unique approach to include the broadest suite of solutions available, customized by client and site.

We help you hire more effectively

Physically demanding jobs and high turnover can lead to employees reporting injuries shortly after hire. Atlas helps you understand the physical requirements of your jobs, but more importantly, ensures job applicants can safely complete the essential functions of the job they are applying for before you hire them. Best of all, we do so in a proven, legally complaint way.

  • Job Demands Analysis: Our analysis ensures your company has the necessary data to support ADA-compliant job descriptions, accommodation requests, return-to-work analysis, and to support physical ability screen programs (post-offer and return-to-work).
  • Post-offer Pre-employment Physical Ability Screens: Our screening process ensures job applicants can safely complete the essential functions of the job before they are hired.

We help you avoid injuries

Employee Care - We provide care when an injury or discomfort occurs, which is critical to mitigating injury rates, controlling a claim, and reducing lost time. Often, employees seek treatment in local emergency rooms or clinics because they don't know where else to go. We provide personalized care that can often be effective without the need for outside medical treatment and its related costs.

  • 24/7 Telephone Nurse Triage: Telephonic care is provided for all injury types through our partnership with TriageNow. Uniquely, we can link this service to our early intervention specialists to address musculoskeletal symptoms and their root causes more effectively than simply sending an employee to Urgent Care or an Emergency Room.
  • Early Intervention Services: These services address musculoskeletal discomfort and injuries through OSHA-allowable first-aid measures and job-site coaching. Services can be provided onsite (full- or part-time) or performed at a local clinic (as needed).
  • Atlas Soft Tissue Management (STM™): Any employee experiencing an increased awareness of heaviness, tightness, fatigue, or discomfort can benefit from Atlas STM™. By providing OSHA-allowed deep tissue massage, injury progression is halted or slowed and medical treatment and recordability can be avoided.

Employee Coaching - We educate, promote and coach for behavioral change. Our onsite team members utilize scientifically validated Behavioral Change Theory to accommodate the realities of the workforce in a nondisruptive approach.

  • Stretching: Used to reduce muscle strain, increase blood flow, and help alleviate minor discomfort associated with repetitive motion, forceful activities, or static/awkward postures.
  • Jobsite: Used to avoid and prevent the common musculoskeletal conditions or symptoms that workers routinely experience. Injury prevention coaching covers the fundamentals of proper body mechanics and movements.
  • Health and Wellness: Used to help your industrial athletes improve the behavioral health risks that are considered to be the leading causes of chronic disease, and to reduce risky lifestyle issues that could impact health and safety.

ErgonomicsAtlas knows how to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries. Ergonomic programs identify and reduce risk factors, prevent injuries, and save companies money by increasing efficiency and allowing workers to work more productively without pain.

  • Develop or Refine Ergonomics Programs: We can help create a new program or benchmark your existing program against best-in-class ergonomic programs to identify weakness and areas needing improvement.
  • AtlasWork™ Software:  A cloud-based application focused on supporting documentation of job requirements (demands, media, documents), risk assessments (ergonomic, discomfort, and historical trends), and restrictions (job matching comparing the capability of returning injured workers to sitewide job demands to maximize productivity, identify accommodation needs, and develop rehabilitation goals).
  • Risk Assessment and Solutions: We assess the workplace, prioritize jobs, develop solutions, and help implement solutions while focusing on productivity, quality and injury reduction.
  • Training: Our training educates all levels of your organization including ergonomics team members, engineers, supervisors, and employees. We educate them on recognizing ergonomics risks and developing solutions. For all of our training programs, participants can be tested for competency following completion of the training.

We reduce the cost of injuries 

No injury prevention solution or program is perfect, and injuries will occur. When they do, Atlas provides a variety of solutions to minimize cost and risk, and make sure your employees are provided convenient high-quality care.

  • Return-to-work Physical Ability ScreensWe ensure an employee can safely complete the essential functions of their job after a medical release.
  • Onsite Physical Therapy: We provide physical therapy within your operations to make employee access easier, significantly reduce the cost of treatment, and provide a higher level of service based on a better understanding of the work to be completed.  Services can be provided full- or part-time.

We provide 24/7 nationwide support

No matter where you work, Atlas is there. We have partnered with a select group of the best professionals across the country. Chances are there’s an Atlas professional in your community. It’s our commitment to keeping your people injury-free and your business on track.

Contact us today to learn more about our warehousing and distribution industry injury prevention solutions.

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