Job Demands Analysis

Here is an excellent short video discussing the benefits of having accurate and complaint job descriptions.

Are you unsure of the physical demands required to complete your jobs?

Often job descriptions do not define essential job functions and contain physical demands values that were objectively obtained.  In many cases, they are quite simply outdated.  This can lead to Human Resource and Operations staff not knowing what the demands of the work are and the physical capabilities employees need to have to complete the work safely.

We Define Job Functions

Each job comes with its own set of tasks.  Atlas first works with you to identify and document the job’s essential and non-essential functions.  Identifying essential functions ensures you have an effective and compliant job description that can withstand legal challenges.

We Analysis Job Demands

We won’t provide you generic job descriptions and your attorneys don’t want us too either.

Atlas conducts a Job Demands Analysis (JDAs) where we measure the physical requirements of the work.  The analysis includes the level and duration of physical exertion required, for example - sitting, standing, walking, lifting, carrying, reaching, pushing, and pulling.  We then create a legally compliant physical demand description.

We Make the Information Usable

Many organizations approach JDAs with a one-and-done mentality. They invest in the analysis and a written report, and then they carefully store that report on a shelf. Often, it just collects dust and is difficult to use and share, both internally and externally.

AtlasWork™, our cloud-based data management software allows you to store and share JDAs easily.  Doctors, physical therapists, and case managers are examples of those who can benefit from a better understanding of the physical demands of a job. It is simple and easy for them to review the information to make better decisions.

In addition, the AtlasWork™ Match function easily compares a worker’s physical restrictions with the demands of their original job as well as all jobs in the database to determine where they can work safely.  Doing so makes return-to-work or limited duty analysis effortless, and the need for accommodations or rehabilitation goals clear and evident.   

We Maximize Value

Once completed, the analysis and resulting JDAs can be the foundation for many safety-focused activities.  Post-offer pre-employment physical ability screens can be developed and used to prevent hiring your next injury. Ergonomic evaluations can also be performed to quantify and address injury risk.    For the safest companies, JDAs are the foundation for so much more.

Creating a legally defensible job description can be a daunting task but a failure to do so can cause legal issues and be very costly.   So, if you’re ready to learn more about updating or creating new job descriptions, contact us today. We are confident you will like what you hear.




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