Healthcare Ergonomics

The need for a solution is clear.  Musculoskeletal injuries are the most frequent type of injury experienced by healthcare workers, negatively affecting your injury costs, employee recruitment, and retention.  More importantly, the lack of an effective program can impact patient safety. 

Whether your interest is driven internally or by legislative initiatives, you are likely struggling with two questions: where do I start and whom do I trust?  Atlas helps you answer both of those questions.

We Assess Risk

Atlas starts by evaluating your safe patient movement and handling risk from multiple angles, including:

  • An OSHA 300 3-year analysis to understand historical risk
  • A survey of employee discomfort to understand current risk
  • A survey of employee methods-of-choice and why equipment isn't used to understand facility and/or cultural barriers
  • An analysis of each unit or department (capacity, dependency, current inventory, bariatric needs, special circumstances, etc.) to define specific needs and challenges
  • A survey of knowledge to understand general competency
  • A survey of the culture to understand your organization’s mind set

Risks come in all shapes and sizes, and some aren’t obvious. Atlas understands how to uncover all your risks and help you reach your goals.

We Define Solutions

Your risk assessment is just the beginning. Atlas uses our findings to create a comprehensive report that gives you a roadmap for your investment strategy or suggestions for a pilot program. The report includes:

  • A prioritization of units/departments and tasks by risk
  • Purchase quantity recommendations and a ROI analysis
  • The current state of your organization’s competency and culture
  • Implementation recommendations with extensive references to “best practices” and research

Atlas provides you a clear path to success, based on the most extensive data analysis available in the industry.

We Provide an Honest Assessment

Many industry consultants will analyze your risk while simultaneously offering equipment and product solutions. The assessment may be free, but what will it cost you in the long run? Atlas does not sell products, nor do we receive commissions. Quite simply, we provide you a data-driven blueprint for success. Our interest is genuine.  No gimmicks. Just unbiased, fact-based advice.

Let us show you how easy, inexpensive, and effective our solutions can be for your organization. 

Contact Atlas is here to help.