Onsite Early Intervention

Here is an excellent short video discussing Workplace Early Intervention Solutions.

Typically, the most efficient and cost-effective way to reduce injuries is to have an Atlas-certified workplace early intervention specialist provide onsite support near your industrial athletes and where the work is done. Uniquely, Atlas does not require you to commit to a full-time staff member, and services can be scaled to meet your needs—from a few hours per month to several full-time staff based on the number of employees and size of your facility.

We Address Symptoms

In many situations, employee discomfort can be addressed with first aid. However, it is crucial for a medically qualified individual to first assess the situation correctly and determine the proper course of action. It is equally important to address symptoms initially through first aid measures. First aid care including ice or heat, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, elastic tape or non-rigid splinting, and postural balance stretching are some of the interventions provided.  With a recent OSHA Letter of Interpretation on massage care, Atlas STM™ provides a soft tissue management option for musculoskeletal discomfort.

We Work on the Cause

Addressing symptoms alone fails to address the cause of the discomfort. Atlas staff works onsite with employees to provide the following services:

  • Ergonomics Assessment – Reviewing job tasks, work positions, and tool selection to identify ergonomic stressors contributing to employee discomfort. Solutions are generated to mitigate the stress, improve employee comfort, and increase process efficiency.
  • Job Coaching – Counseling and educating employees in best practices to work in neutral posture, use of correct mechanics and tool selection.

We Provide Other Injury Prevention Services

When Atlas staff is not focused on employee discomfort, they provide other services designed to reduce injury risk and costs, including:

  • Job Demands Analysis – Working with supervisors and employees to document essential job functions and objectively measure the physical demands of the work.
  • Physical Ability Screens – Conducting legally compliant physical ability screens to confirm job applicants and returning injured workers can safely complete job tasks.
  • Case Management – Assisting HR/safety with managing cases with lost time to expedite return to work quickly and safely
  • Employee Education– Working with new or existing employees in the classroom, in tool box talks, or at the worksite to promote and coach employees on behavioral change strategies  (Employee education is customized for each client and can include the following) 
      • Wellness: Atlas can create and promote a steady stream of wellness resources or our onsite provider can promote clients offering for higher levels of engagement.
      • Mindfulness: Used to improve situational awareness and employee attention in the workplace. Atlas will provide ongoing resources to support and promote the importance of being mindful as it relates to safe work practices.  
      • Movement/Injury Prevention Strategies: Atlas will provide resources to educate and coach on proper body mechanics and movement strategies aligned with client job tasks and injury trends.  

The best solution is your solution. Let Atlas tailor a program to meet your needs and partner with you to reach your goals.


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