Office Ergonomics Software

Here is an excellent short video discussing AtlasOffice™

We clearly understand the office workplace and personal factors that can lead to employee discomfort and injury.  We also understand that trying to manage an office ergonomics program can be a headache. Finally, we know there are companies in the market that make the solution intolerably complicated and extremely expensive.

AtlasOffice™, our web-based office ergonomic software system, takes the pain out of office ergonomics. 

Self-Assessment and Training is a Solution

For low- and moderate-risk office employees, a simple and focused self-assessment and training can help them avoid injury risk and stay productive. AtlasOffice™ helps you address their needs by:

  • Completing a baseline self-assessment through a configurable 10-minute online survey
  • Providing customized training and a learning verification and reinforcement tool to ensure they understand what they need to
  • Providing specific recommendations (both for existing equipment adjustments and/or new products) based on their survey responses

With a small investment of time and money, most of your employees will know more, feel better, and stay productive.

People in Real Pain Need Real People

For higher-risk office employees, we believe software alone has its limitations and human interaction is needed for success. The challenge, however, is controlling the cost of external services or enabling internal “non-expert” support staff. AtlasOffice™ helps you by:

  • Identifying employees who need telephone or on-site support through the survey or by direct request
  • Allowing employees to upload pictures and videos to support distant analysis by ergonomic resources
  • Providing a proven online report format to make telephonic or on-site assessments faster, easier, and more accurate
  • Guiding and simplifying recording and tracking closure of recommendations
  • Providing you unlimited follow-up surveys to help monitor risk and verify you’ve solved the problem

Through a combination of software and a personal touch, both your employees and your budget will feel cared for.

Want More Control?

AtlasOffice™ is designed to provide you complete control of your office ergonomic program, including the ability to:

  • Insert your brand or private label on the web pages, reports, and employee access
  • Customize the employee self-assessment survey
  • Customize training materials and learning verification tool, including different languages
  • Upload your employee list to facilitate and improve proactive program participation
  • Control user access for internal and external support personnel
  • Monitor and measure overall program performance through dashboards and drill-down tables
  • Download application data for further study

Finally, and most importantly, we help you control your costs. With AtlasOffice™, there are no startup or annual fees. Costs are based on the number of employees who are provided access. Plus, if you’re a large organization exclusively using Atlas for telephonic and onsite assessments, AtlasOffice™ can even be free.

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