Office Ergonomics

Here is a brief video discussing our Office Ergonomic Solutions.

Atlas supports over 800,000 office and work-at-home employees across the country. Our clients are both big and small; those who ask us to support thousands of sites to those who need help at a single location. Regardless of the size of your organization, we offer you the most complete solution available in the industry. Rest assured that we provide industry leading ergonomic software and on-site services, but uniquely we do so in the most simple, efficient, and cost effective way.

We Start With Software

The foundation of our system is our web-based office ergonomic solution, AtlasOffice™. This incredibly simple, intuitive, and customizable application gathers risk data from employees to complete baseline and ongoing assessments, provide training and customized recommendations, manage the assessment process, and measure your overall office ergonomic program performance.

Our clients can use AtlasOffice™ proactively or reactively. They combine it with Atlas’ on-site or telephonic intervention services, their own office ergonomic support teams, or purchase it as nothing more than an employee training tool.

AtlasOffice™ provides you all of the office ergonomic options you need, and does so at a fraction of the cost of competitive programs. In fact, if you are a large enough organization and exclusively use our telephonic and on-site intervention services, use of AtlasOffice™ may be absolutely free. Learn More

We Provide Onsite and Remote Support

While our foundation is software, we are also rooted in the belief that people in real pain need real people. We do not believe software is the entire solution and offer you and your employees a personal touch. 

When you have an employee at a high risk for injury, we come to you. One of our ergonomic specialists from our nationwide network meets with your employee to confirm their risk factors, implement immediate solutions if possible, develop a recommendation plan, and train your employee on equipment use and how to avoid an injury. After doing so, they provide you an online report through AtlasOffice™.

For moderate-risk employees or those in hard-to-reach locations, Atlas can provide a telephonic web-based support option. Through an AtlasOffice™ employee media upload option, our trained experts can review employee supplied pictures and video to provide the most accurate recommendations and support possible.  Atlas will schedule an ergonomic consultation within one business day of receiving a request for evaluation.

As an option or standard protocol, Atlas can provide follow-up support to assure your employee knows how to use their new furniture or equipment properly, or to just make sure they are healthy, happy, and all of their issues have been addressed.

While nationwide on-site coverage with a telephonic support option makes us unique, what separates us from the rest of the pack is how simple we make the process. When you learn more, you will be amazed.

We Provide Turnkey Support

Sometimes managing an ergonomics program can require more time than you have. Trust Atlas to provide full-service ergonomics management support to your employees. We work with individuals to design an ergonomics plan, and then follow up to ensure the program is being followed and that the issues have been addressed successfully. Plus, we provide final reports to the people who need them, further ensuring the success of your ergonomics program.

We bring a wealth of ergonomics expertise to every program, and we continue to support you in successfully executing your existing protocols and establishing best practices within your employee population.

Atlas has you covered.

We Provide an Honest Assessment

Many industry consultants will analyze your risk while simultaneously offering equipment and product solutions.  Have you ever wondered about what motivates them? Atlas does not sell products, nor do we receive commissions. Quite simply we focus first on use of existing equipment and then provide you an objective assessment with unbiased recommendations. Our interest is pure.  No gimmicks.

We Also Provide Training

We provide training to internalize the skills necessary to support the ergonomics program. For all of our training programs, participants can be tested for competency following completion of the training. Some of the training we offer includes:

  • Managing an Ergonomics Process – a training workshop on how to effectively manage an office ergonomics process.
  • Ergonomics SME or Team Training designed to educate key staff members to become on-site office ergonomic SMEs (subject matter experts) or team members. We educate them on assessing ergonomics risks, developing solutions, educating employees, and how to effectively use AtlasOffice™. 
  • Ergonomics Awareness for Supervisors and Managers – designed to ensure ergonomics hazards are identified and addressed as part of normal operational responsibility, and coach employees on proper work practices. We discuss basic ergonomics principles, musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms, proper positioning, and effective use of office equipment and furniture.

We Develop Design Standards

Atlas can work with you to develop office furniture design standards and standard product lists to select from when making product recommendations. The standards ensure the products you use meet ergonomic design standards, are consistent so employees feel they are all being treated equally, and offer the potential for better pricing based on volume discounts.

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