Return-to-Work Screens

We know workers get injured; years of OSHA data show us that.  When that happens, an absent worker can cause costly production losses and expensive claims.  Managing and getting them the right care is critical, but equally important is making sure the employee is ready and fit to return-to-work without the risk of quickly reinjuring themselves. 

The challenge is most medical service providers do not take the time to fully understand the employee’s job and work demands, and do not test the employee’s physical ability.  A doctor may simply ask your employee if they feel like they can do their job, and then provide a release to work. 

As an extension of our pre-employment physical ability screen programs, we offer a return-to-work screen program that will safely and objectively determine if a returning employee can safely perform the essential functions of the work. 

We Measure Job Demands

A return-to-work screen program must also meet the same stringent requirements as a pre-employment program to be compliant and legally sound.  And just like our pre-employment programs, everything starts with measuring the physical demands of a job’s essential functions.

If your current screen program provider has not taken the time to visit your job site and review the job, and instead has used your written job description, data from another company or job, or simply referred to job demands,  you are putting your company and employees at risk.

We Deliver Compliant Results

A number of our case studies demonstrate the payback of our screen programs—and they are substantial. However, we do not lose sight of the simple fact that regardless of the payback, the last thing our clients want is a discrimination suit.

With over a half a million screens in the books, Atlas nor any of our clients have ever been sued. Most important, we believe our performance is not based on luck, but on strong program design and an attention to detail.

We Provide Clear Direction

Nearly every medical services provider will provide care for injured workers. However, unless you are not worried about reinjuring workers, remember that not all programs are created equal.  Determining if an injured worker can safely return to their job should be as clear as the difference between black and white. 

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