Here is a short video discussing Workplace Early Intervention and its benefits to your employees.

Recent government research shows a clear relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI) and the risk of a workplace injury, the cost of the injury, and the number of lost work days. Another university study correlates BMI with risky behaviors.

The simple fact is employees with fewer healthy habits will drive higher injury rates, not to mention higher general medical expenses.  Atlas combines early intervention or on-site therapy services with a wellness program to provide a total solution for you and your employees.

We Help Employees Know Their Numbers

All successful businesses know that if you want something to improve, measure it. Wellness success is no different.

That is why Atlas starts with numbers. We set up our on-site clinics to acquire biometric data, including BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides. As an option we will also have employees complete a health risk assessment.

We Service Groups and Individuals

As part of our commitment to employee wellness, Atlas delivers a full range of services designed to help your employees lose weight and adopt health lifestyles. For high-risk employees, services are provided one-on-one. For low- and moderate-risk employees, we provide general education materials and answer any questions they may have.

We Provide Onsite Personal Support

Our on-site professionals work where your employees work and likely know them personally. By doing so, we help eliminate both physical and psychological barriers to participation and success. Your employees already know we are there to keep them safe; we just take it one step further.

We Provide Options

As always, our wellness services are designed to match your specific needs. We can keep it simple or involve other partner organizations who can assist with on-site chair massage, web-based education, and higher levels of employee coaching. Regardless of the scale of your need, we coordinate delivery of resources to help your business stay on track.

We can help you build a wellness program and educate your workforce to adopt healthier habits.

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