Ergonomics Is Not The Only Answer

By James Landsman

December 19, 2017 - When we launched our company in May 2002, we named it Atlas Ergonomics. We did so because our focus was solely on office ergonomics software, services, and the use of a patent-pending process for call centers.  

In 2004 our patent-pending process moved us into the truck cab. Doing so not only provided us a new set of clients but exposed us to an industry with a significantly higher level of risk and injury-related losses. The change also caused us to explore other injury prevention strategies with a strong focus on pre-employment screens and early intervention services.  

Through this transition we realized our clients’ goal is not implementing ergonomics solutions but reducing injury costs.    

There are some in the industry who will lead you to believe that ergonomics is the goal or the only true solution. We will always be a proponent of ergonomics, and we have remained focused on providing exceptional software, training, and services. However, we know ergonomics is not the only answer.    

Job demands measurement, pre-employment screens, stretching programs, telephonic nurse triage, onsite early intervention, onsite physical therapy, return-to-work screens, and wellness all have their place on the injury prevention spectrum. Based on that guiding priciple, in 2014 we changed our name to Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions.  

If you want to have a broad, professional, and honest discussion about your injury prevention program needs, please contact us.