Become the Ergonomist

There are some professions built on a foundation of complexity. Often these professionals have created their own language; the average person cannot tell if their advice is good, bad, or even better than others in their field, and in the end that person is left with a simple question—“Do I trust them?” 

As possible examples, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and IT professionals quickly come to mind. How often have you sat and talked with someone from a profession like these about a difficult situation and ended up more confused than ever?  Did you ever make a decision to do something even though you really didn’t understand what you were being told?

This commentary is not meant to disregard the amount of knowledge it takes or complexity involved to perform these services.  However, if a profession is paid to serve the average person, it should be incumbent on those individuals to take what is complicated and simplify it so their customers can make knowledgeable and rational decisions.

From a distance ergonomics can seem complex and intimidating.  Because of that one of our goals at Atlas is to make ergonomics simple and help our clients’ team members proficiently do ergonomics.  We do so by offering simple and easy-to-use software, as well as training that is appropriate for all levels of the organization.

Within a production setting we offer the following training options:

  • Effective Job Demands Analysis – a training workshop to teach an organization how to build job descriptions that are accurate and support effective limited-duty and return-to-work programs. Teams learn how to identify, measure, record, and maintain a job’s essential and non-essential functions. 
  • Ergonomics Team Training– a training workshop to develop an Ergonomics Team that can recognize, evaluate, and control workplace ergonomic hazards.
  • Ergonomics for Engineers, Six Sigma, and Lean– a training workshop for engineers, Six Sigma personnel, and Lean personnel on principles and application of good ergonomic design and how it impacts human performance, productivity, and quality.
  • Ergonomics for Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Managers– a training class for site leadership to ensure ergonomics hazards are identified and addressed as part of normal operational responsibility, and to coach employees on proper work practices.
  • Ergonomics for Employees– a training class for employees to learn solid, practical ergonomic principles that can be applied regardless of where you are (e.g., assembly, manufacturing, distribution, home).

Within the office setting we offer the following training options:

  • Managing an Ergonomics Process – a training workshop on how to effectively manage an office ergonomics process.
  • Ergonomics SME or Team Training – designed to educate key staff members to become on-site office ergonomic SMEs (subject matter experts) or team members. We educate them on assessing ergonomics risks, developing solutions, educating employees, and how to effectively use AtlasOffice™. 
  • Ergonomics Awareness for Supervisors and Managers – designed to ensure ergonomics hazards are identified and addressed as part of normal operational responsibility, and coach employees on proper work practices. We discuss basic ergonomics principles, musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms, proper positioning, and effective use of office equipment and furniture.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can make ergonomics simple and create an organization of competent ergonomics practitioners, please contact us. We are confident you will like what you hear.