COVID-19: Atlas Health and Safety Protocol-Update


Release: Immediate
Date: May 26, 2020
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Grand Haven, Michigan (May 26, 2020) –  Atlas continues to closely monitor information related to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our valued customers and Atlas team members. To do so, we employ the following strategies:

First, we share our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines with onsite team members instructing them on how to protect themselves and others.

Second, all onsite team members must complete a Self-declaration Questionnaire regarding their health conditions and potential contact with at-risk persons and locations. If an individual’s response indicates risk, they will be restricted from entering a client site until further discussion with Atlas management occurs. All team members are instructed to update us if their situation changes.

Third, all onsite team members who cannot maintain social distancing (in general or when providing a specific service) are required to follow CDC guidelines and wear eye protection (such as goggles or face shields), facemask, and gloves when providing services.

Fourth, all onsite team members are required to take their own temperature prior to starting services, and record it via an online survey. If their temperature exceeds the 100.3F CDC guideline, they are instructed to not travel to or immediately leave the client site. Atlas corporate staff audits these records daily.

Finally, prior to providing targeted services, onsite team members conduct a brief Employee Screen to confirm an employee’s current health condition and to see if they have had any contact with people or locations that pose a higher risk. If an individual’s response indicates risk, care will not be provided and in specific situations our Exposure Response Action Plan will be implemented.

We recognize we also provide a variety of injury prevention services at local physical therapy clinics and are confident in the professionalism of our physical therapy network to adhere to American Physical Therapy Association COVID-19 best practices. Unless circumstances indicate otherwise, we will maintain confidence in how they will conduct themselves.

Please stay vigilant and safe.

James Landsman
President – Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

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