Atlas IPS Adds Translation Services to its Communication Toolbox


Release: Immediate
Date: February 28, 2023
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Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions  
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(February 28, 2023) – Continuing the mission of improving employee health and helping employers reduce injuries and related workers compensation claims, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions ( announces it has added translation services as part of its service structure. 

According to the US Census Bureau, more than 25 million people across the US speak English less than “very well”, meaning this Limited-English Proficient (LEP) group make up 9% of the US population. As this LEP population grows in many US communities, Atlas IPS understands the importance of eliminating barriers and providing safety solutions that reach as many people as possible.  

When a non-English speaking individual needs assistance and cannot communicate their needs to our staff or understand the materials we are providing, it can cause several issues including a hesitancy to ask for help, frustration, mistranslations, and lower service quality.

To overcome these obstacles, Atlas IPS now offers on demand video or voice teleconferencing translation support. This service covers more than 120 languages and complies with all HIPPA requirements, allowing Atlas IPS staff to engage with essentially all our clients’ employees. 

“Our goal is to communicate in languages that better support our clients by connecting their non-English employees with our staff.  Expanding our ability to communicate with those who have a language barrier will allow us to care for anyone who is struggling with pain or discomfort, and reduce reportable injuries and their related costs,” says Jim Landsman, President of Atlas IPS.

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