Study Shows Office Employees with Discomfort Believe Ergonomics is a Solution


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Date: May 14, 2018
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Grand Haven, Michigan (May 14, 2018) – In the final release of a three-part office ergonomics study, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions, reveals as office employees’ discomfort increases and productivity decreases, their attitude toward ergonomic solutions becomes more positive.

The three-party study analyzes data from 26,469 employees from a variety of industries and focuses on the impact of demographics, products, attitude, and knowledge on work-related discomfort and productivity in the office environment.  

The second part of the series found ergonomic products alone did not significantly reduce the level of discomfort employees experienced. Ergonomic products delivered an average reduction in discomfort of 11%, whereas products coupled with training delivered an average of 51% reduction in discomfort.

Given this relationship, the recently released third part titled Office Ergonomics Trends Part III Update: Relationship between Attitude, Knowledge, and Discomfort explores how employee attitude and knowledge impacts discomfort in general, and within higher risk populations as identified in the first paper in the series.  

The study shows the majority of employees say that a properly fitted workstation positively impacts comfort and output—79% say that proper fit plays a significant or critical role in their comfort and productivity. However, it was also found that younger and obese workers do not share that perspective. The study also reveals there is no significant difference in knowledge between the employees who are at higher risk and those at normal risk levels.

“What was the most interesting is the relationship between the findings of all three papers,” says Atlas director and certified professional ergonomist Tony Silva. “In most cases, employees who experience the highest levels of discomfort and productivity loss believe ergonomics is the solution, but they have no higher knowledge level than employees who are not hurting.”

Silva went on to say, “Our data and experience clearly tells us that training on the proper use of ergonomic products has a significant impact on the comfort and productivity of employees.  Employees believe the solution exists, and we just need to help provide them the knowledge to succeed.”

To view the Atlas white paper, Office Ergonomics Trends Part III Update: Relationship between Attitude, Knowledge, and Discomfort, read the white paper (


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