Atlas IPS Releases Study on Injury Reduction through Early Intervention


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Date: December 14, 2015
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Grand Haven, Michigan (December 14, 2015) – With workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses remaining one of the top business costs, Atlas Injury Prevention Services (Atlas IPS) has released a white paper illustrating how Early Intervention programs can reduce costs associated with such risks.

Titled Injury Prevention through Early Intervention: Regulations and Results, the paper discusses the severity of workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses, plus outlines the compliance boundaries companies must understand and adhere to when launching an Early Intervention program. 

Atlas IPS injury prevention and ergonomics experts present key information on Early Intervention strategies, which focus on early reporting of soreness, pain, or discomfort before an injury occurs or the condition progresses. Also, the white paper discusses the parameters of recordable injuries versus first aid as defined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and how businesses can reduce and prevent recordable injuries and their associated costs while complying with OSHA regulations.

“Typically businesses do not have a plan and default to the traditional medical model,” says Drew Bossen, Atlas Executive Vice President and expert in physical therapy and injury prevention. “With only rare exception, this type of a response will lead to a recordable injury or illness. Conversely, a proactive plan incorporating Early Intervention can have an immense impact on cases and their associated costs.”

Also included is a structural outline of an Early Intervention program as well as scientific research and literature that demonstrate the potential cost savings an organization may experience.

“Workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses continue to erode organizational profitability,” says Bossen. “This paper shows that the key to an effective Early Intervention strategy is understanding the compliance boundaries and how to deploy and operate a program within those boundaries.”

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