Therapist Versus Ergonomist for Home Office Evaluations

Here at Atlas many our ergonomists who perform home office ergonomic evaluations are physical therapists (PT) or occupational therapists (OT) by education and training. Often the pain or discomfort experienced while working in the home office is exacerbated due to pre-existing conditions or factors not related to the work setup.

Therapists are well versed at questioning and investigative techniques to get at the root cause of pain and discomfort, and most have a wonderful bedside manner that encourages people to open up and share all pertinent information. Therapists are also experienced in providing recommendations on interventions that can better address these non-work related causes, like specific muscle strengthening, stretching, and cold or hot therapy.

These interventions may be exactly what the person needs to get over that back pain from playing golf over the weekend or the stiff neck from sleeping on it awkwardly. And don’t worry about recordability because all of these interventions fall under OSHA’s definition of first aid.

If you’re in need of responsive ergonomics professionals who will take a holistic approach to addressing people’s needs, give us a call.