A COVID 19 Nightmare! A journey to hell and back, President of Atlas IPS Jim Landsman


Jim Landsman, BSME, MBA. Every business leader in 2020 is challenged to figure out how to run a successful business during a pandemic. Jim not only forged that path but then had to deal with contracting the virus himself and living through a nightmare of being on a ventilator for 10 days and coming very close to dying. He credits being in good physical shape at 57 for saving his life. Listen to the fear he and his family had to go through to come out on the other end. The support of friends, family and even complete strangers has been overwhelming. He still is trying to get back physically what was taken during his fight to survive. Jim is a co-founder and the President and CEO for Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions. Atlas IPS is a leading nationwide injury (MSD) prevention service and technology provider. Jim has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a masters degree in business administration, both from the University of Notre Dame. Jim’s 30+ years of leadership experience is equally split between operations and sales/marketing. Jim is originally from Grand Haven, MI but now resides in New Smyrna Beach, FL. He is happily married to his wife and soulmate (Gayle) for almost 30 years, and has three children and two grandchildren. Jim loves most to spend time with his family, but when he is not doing that he likes to run on the beach, fish, boogie board, kayak, and (pre-COVID) travel to and explore new and fun destinations.

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