Office Ergonomics Software: People in Real Pain Need Real People


“What do you get when you put 20 software programmers in a room?” This sounds like the beginning of a joke, but for those spending countless hours on a computer in pain, the punch line isn’t funny. The obvious answer to the question is “simply more software.”

Software development is strange. You can spend an unlimited amount of hours and dollars to program an application to do just about anything. When you put 20 programmers in a room, there is almost no ceiling to what they will dream up. Software can be built with multiple bells and whistles, but what if you just want someone to help you feel better?

When the Atlas team designed and built our office ergonomics software, AtlasOffice™, we created an ergonomically sound product but also did so with five goals in mind.

First, we wanted it to be simple to use. Because of this our assessment takes 10 and not 30 minutes, and our clients can use it without studying a large manual or taking a class.

Second, we wanted it to support all clients—big or small. Therefore our clients can have as few as 25 users to hundreds of thousands.

Third, we wanted it to be easily configurable. Our clients are in complete control of how the application is designed. Branding, user access, assessment design, and e-learning tools can be changed as needed.

Fourth, we wanted it to be cost effective. AtlasOffice™ clients pay a single upfront fee for each user. There is no set-up fee. There is no annual fee. There is no cost for follow up surveys. There is no expiration date so a client can buy more, get a lower price, and use them over a number of years.

Finally, and most important, we wanted it to facilitate human contact. We believe software is a great tool to acquire data, assess risk, and provide self-correction training. This alone is more than adequate for low- and moderate-risk employees. However, we firmly believe that People in Real Pain Need Real People. Therefore for higher risk employees, AtlasOffice™ makes telephonic and onsite assessments simpler, quicker, and easier. We do not believe software is a complete solution, and our clients agree.

If you are interested in exploring your options, either as you develop a new office ergonomics program or as an alternative to current software that makes things too complex or costly, please contact us. AtlasOffice™ supports some of the largest organizations in the world. You may be amazed by our client list so if you want references, just ask. We are confident you will like what you hear.