Myths vs. Facts: Sit to Stand Workstations Part 1

Myth #1
Sitting is bad for me so I should stand all day.

As it turns out, prolonged periods of standing comes with its own health risks, including circulatory issues and potential for aches and pains. Standing for extended periods can also increase the risk of adverse health impacts: musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the lower body, joint and foot problems, and increased stress to the heart and circulatory system. Limit static (fixed) standing to < 15 minutes at a time and < 2 hours total per day.

You can stay healthy in a seated posture by following the 4 principles of the neutral posture and adding movement into your day, early and often! As a rule of thumb, limit static (fixed) sitting to < 1 hour at a time. Remember the 4 principles of the neutral posture are:
- Wrists Straight
- Shoulders Relaxed and Elbows at your Side
- Head Upright and Looking Forward
- Feet, Legs and Back Supported


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