Getting Results in the Office Starts with Leadership


Many organizations employ sophisticated software systems and spend thousands of dollars on training and assessments to reduce hazards in their office environments to prevent unwanted incidents. Why then do these organizations who commit this level of resource fail to achieve their desired result?

While there can be a number of reasons for the variation in performance, research shows that what leaders consistently “say” and “do” are what drive excellent safety results. What leaders pay attention to, what they measure, and what they reward and recognize—these build the culture that drives excellent safety programs. 

So how does this specifically apply to an office ergonomics program? It really boils down to two things:
1) Make leaders aware of the key support behaviors by teaching them what they need to observe from an ergonomics point of view.
2) Ensure leaders demonstrate their full commitment by engaging in one-on-one interactions with employees they support.

Here at Atlas we have years of experience in leadership training and engagement to ensure an effective ergonomics process. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help.