FREE Office Ergonomics Software


We sell our office ergonomics software, AtlasOffice™, to numerous clients. However, doing so is not our only office-based revenue stream since we also provide telephonic and onsite assessments for thousands of sites across the county. Therefore, unlike some of our software-only competitors we have a bit more financial flexibilty, which benefits you.

Our offer is simple. If you have 10,000 or more US-based office workers and will exclusively use Atlas for your telephonic and/or onsite assessments, you can use our software for free. Better yet, we don’t require a minimum assessment commitment on your part.

Think about the financial equation for a second.

It is very possible the money you are paying for software can simply be refocused on assessments. In other words, for the same amount of money you are spending each year (and possibly less), you get the use of software AND human support because we all know…People in Real Pain Need Real People.

So what is written in the fine print (because in most cases there is fine print)?

Nothing. If you are worried our software will drive your employees to expect a telephonic or onsite assessment, you don’t need to be. To prove it, just reach out to us and take a test drive of AtlasOffice™ from an employee perspective.  

If you want to explore your options, either as you develop a new office ergonomics program or as an alternative to current overpriced software, please contact us. AtlasOffice™ supports some of the largest organizations in the world. You may be amazed by our client list so if you want references, just ask. We are confident you will like what you hear.