Early Intervention: Location, Location, Location

The impact our Early Intervention services has on employee health and our clients’ bottom lines has been well established. If you need proof, just read our posted client testimonials or ask for our measured results similar to what is shown above.

The challenge for employers, however, has not been believing in the value of the service but finding the service in a format and at locations that easily align with their operations and budget. Too often they are only provided the option to hire a full-time onsite service provider, which can be expensive and leave smaller and remote sites, or off-shift hours, unsupported.

Atlas is one of the first organizations in the industry to offer part-time certified onsite Early Intervention specialists.  By doing so, we reduce the amount that clients need to spend to protect their employees.

However, we still felt the solution was incomplete and last year added a 24/7 telephonic nurse triage service. This enabled us to support smaller sites, off-shift hours, and remote workers.  While we felt strongly about the offering, we remained concerned that telephone (or video) triage services alone failed to provide the opportunity for in-person physical care and worksite training, both of which we believe are important to effectively address work-related sprains and strains.

In response, we recently added at-clinic Early Intervention services, thereby inserting the last piece of the puzzle.  We now offer an as-needed first point of contact alternative to urgent and emergency room care for musculoskelatal concerns.  Now we can easily support smaller or remote sites, or clients with a limited budget. We also coordinate this option with our 24/7 telephonic nurse triage service to provide face-to-face care and worksite support options when needed.

As we look back on our evolution, we think a simple checklist may best illustrate the benefits of our overall strategy:

  • Full-time certified Early Intervention specialists to support:
    • Large sites
  • Part-time certified Early Intervention specialists to support:
    • Large sites with a limited budget
    • Small to mid-sized sites
  • 24/7 telephonic nurse triage to support:
    • Off-shift hours for large sites with full-time support
    • Non-covered hours for sites with part-time support
    • Remote workers
  • At-clinic certified Early Intervention and worksite services to support:
    • Large and mid-sized sites with a very limited budget
    • Small-sized sites
    • Any client who currently uses only 24/7 telephonic nurse triage
  • A network of specialists who cover over 15,000 US cities and towns

We believe it is important not only to provide a great service, but to do so in a way that best meets each client’s needs.  We believe the best solution is your solution.

If you are interested in exploring your options for Early Intervention services, please contact us. We are confident you will like what you hear.