Atlas Offers Stretch It Out!© As Nationwide Program


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Date: May 31, 2011
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James Landsman
Atlas Ergonomics
(616) 844-6322 ext. 3201

Grand Haven, MI and ROCKFORD, ILMay 31, 2011— Both Atlas Ergonomics and Ege WorkSmart Solutions (EWSS) share the goal of reducing workplace injuries and the resulting costs. Today, the two companies announced that Atlas will offer EWSS's Stretch It Out!© product line to its client base, which includes hundreds of employers.

Stretch It Out!© is a structured program designed to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which account for $1 of every $3 spent on workers compensation. By increasing blood flow to targeted muscle groups, the program helps reduce injuries from common workplace hazards such as repetitive motions, static positions, awkward postures, and forceful activities.

The Stretch It Out!© program can be implemented in many different workplaces, including manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, office, retail, and healthcare settings.

Employers interested in implementing the Stretch It Out!© program can obtain it through Atlas at a discount. Those interested in a turnkey injury-reduction program can purchase Stretch It Out!© Onsite, where Atlas provides launch and onsite training support through America's largest network of ergonomic service providers.

"Many factors inherent in MSD injuries can be positively addressed without significant engineering and/or work practice modifications," says EWSS President Scott Ege. "Stretch It Out!© has been proven to reduce the incident of MSD-related injuries, and is an effective component of any structured ergonomics and safety program."

Atlas President Jim Landsman pointed out, "Stretch It Out!© allows us to respond with confidence to our clients' needs for a proven, cost-effective stretching program. Best of all, Atlas' nationwide ergonomic services network makes implementing the program simple and effective."

Landsman further commented, "Stretch It Out© is just one example of how Atlas continues to grow our comprehensive menu of injury reduction products and services."
For more information, contact Atlas at or EWSS at You may also visit them at Safety 2011, the American Society of Safety Engineers' conference and exhibition in Chicago from June 12 – 15. Atlas will be in booth 134 and EWSS in booth 132, respectively.

About Atlas Ergonomics, LLC
Atlas Ergonomics, LLC is a leading ergonomic service and technology provider, helping customers reduce the spiraling costs of work-related injuries within industrial, office, commercial transportation, warehouse, public transit, and healthcare environments. Atlas guides clients to financially evaluate and define the appropriate strategy, and offers services that are uniquely simple, measurable, and cost effective. Atlas Ergonomics provides turnkey support through the nation’s largest network of ergonomic service providers or can assist corporate resources with the necessary training and technology. Atlas Ergonomics is located in Grand Haven, Michigan, and additional information can be found at

About Ege WorkSmart Solutions, PC
Ege WorkSmart Solutions, PC provides work injury management and prevention services onsite. EWSS has been successful in reducing employer incident rates and injury costs related to musculoskeletal disorders. The processes utilized by EWSS have assisted numerous employers in establishing benchmark health and safety practices for their organizations. EWSS is also the creator of the nationally recognized workplace stretching program Stretch It Out!©. Ege WorkSmart Solutions, PC is located in Rockton, Illinois. Additional information can be found at