Atlas Ergonomics Study: Workers Strongly Prefer Split Keyboards


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Date: Mar 3, 2010
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James Landsman
Atlas Ergonomics
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Grand Haven, MIMarch 3, 2010—In an intensive five-month study, 85% of workers reported a preference for an experimental split keyboard design -- and 84% preferred components further apart than the market’s best-selling split design.

Atlas Ergonomics, which conducted the study, will present detailed results in a free, one-hour webinar hosted by National Ergonomics Conference and Exhibition (NECE) on Wednesday, March 10 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

From May through November 2009, Atlas Ergonomics reviewed the impact of a split keyboard design on posture, comfort, and performance among approximately 80 software manufacturing employees. The study focused on the positions of the hands and upper extremities during keyboard use.

Participants were provided with keyboards that could be set in many different positions, from simply angled to widely apart, to suit each individual’s size, shape, habits and workstation. Data on posture and upper-body discomfort were gathered prior to use of the new keyboards, and employees were tracked for up to five months after the new keyboards were introduced.

With no decrease in performance or productivity, participants adopted a variety of positions, consistently discovering set-ups that significantly improved their posture (54 to 71% reduction in ulnar deviation) and reducing neck/upper extremity discomfort by as much as 79%.

Registration for the free March 10 webinar detailing study results can be completed at The NECE-hosted webinar will run approximately 60 minutes, from 2 pm to 3 pm ET.

"Results of this study provide a unique perspective on how we should be working with keyboards," said Atlas ergonomist David Brodie, CPE. "When it comes to office keyboard design, the market seems to have a stagnant view, choosing keyboards more for price and simplicity than health and safety. Yet, as our clients have learned over the years, improving health and safety can drastically reduce injury-related costs, more than covering the cost of improvements."

A white paper providing a complete overview of this study will be available for free from Atlas Ergonomics immediately after the completion of the webinar. The white paper can be obtained by requesting a copy at

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