AtlasWork™ 3.0: A Leading Injury Prevention and Management Software Gets an Upgrade


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Date: January 31, 2024
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(January 31, 2024)Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions introduced AtlasWork™ in 2013. This innovative web-based application manages work requirements, risks, and restrictions. It is ideal for jobs involving physical labor, such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, construction, and various service industries.

AtlasWork™ employs job demands data, videos, images, and procedures for a comprehensive understanding of each job's requirements. The application enhances risk analysis by automatically populating ergonomic risk tools recognized in the industry. It facilitates limited duty and return-to-work processes through job matching and serves as the backbone for data management and reporting in Atlas' early intervention/industrial athlete programs.

Numerous companies across different industries have adopted AtlasWork™ since its launch. It enables information sharing among human resources, operations, loss prevention, safety, and workers' compensation teams. This facilitates monitoring of injury prevention program performance and supports informed decision-making.

Atlas has experienced significant growth in early intervention/industrial athlete programs. In response, the latest upgrade, AtlasWork™ 3.0, focuses on streamlining communication and simplifying service access.

Key enhancements in AtlasWork™ 3.0 include:

  • Streamlining the reporting process for employee care and proactive events aimed at reducing injury risk.
  • Enabling text-based communication of care instructions to employees, complete with resource links and acknowledgment of receipt and understanding.
  • Offering an optional employee satisfaction survey to calculate Net Promoter Scores by site, client, or for Atlas overall.
  • Introducing the use of site-specific QR codes to request employee care or proactive services. These codes can be displayed on posters for all employees or provided on handouts for managers and supervisors.

Jim Landsman, President of Atlas, states, "AtlasWork™ has been an industry leading injury prevention program management software since its introduction." He emphasizes, "Our goal is to make an already excellent solution even simpler and more user-friendly for managers, employees, and early intervention specialists. This will enable faster, more effective responses, ensuring greater safety for employees and increased profitability for clients."

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