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Are you looking for best practice recommendations, how different solutions may work for you, and quick tips for success?  Look no further than right here where our team shares their thoughts and perspectives on a variety of valuable injury prevention topics.


Office Ergonomics: Human Contact Provided

What is your office ergonomics philosophy?  

Do you believe software can provide the complete solution, or is human contact required at some level of risk? If you answered human contact is required, our philosophies align. 

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FREE Office Ergonomics Software

We sell our office ergonomics software, AtlasOffice™, to numerous clients. However, doing so is not our only office-based revenue stream since we also provide telephonic and onsite assessments for thousands of sites across the county. Therefore, unlike some of our software-only competitors we have a bit more financial flexibilty, which benefits you.

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Office Ergonomics Software: People in Real Pain Need Real People

“What do you get when you put 20 software programmers in a room?” This sounds like the beginning of a joke, but for those spending countless hours on a computer in pain, the punch line isn’t funny. The obvious answer to the question is “simply more software.”  

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The Best Solution is Your Solution

Injury prevention solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Our approach conflicts with the views of some in the industry because we believe there is no single right answer. 

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Clients Deserve Options

Injury prevention solutions come in all shapes and sizes. They depend on numerous factors, including the characteristics of the injuries, the type of work, the work environment, the number and distribution of employees, budgets, and most important—the client’s goals.

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