Early Intervention

Plain and simple, not all musculoskeletal discomfort requires a doctor visit. In fact our experience indicates 50 – 60% of reported discomfort can be effectively addressed without medical care. To be clear, if an employee needs medical care it must be provided. However, it is equally important to provide intelligent direction on the road between workplace injuries and the medical community.

We don’t want to place a stop sign on that road: just a speed bump.

We Address Symptoms

In many situations, employee discomfort can be effectively addressed with first aid. However, it is crucial for qualified staff to first assess the situation correctly and determine the proper course of action. Next, it is equally important to treat symptoms only through first aid measures. Atlas provides you the experience and protocol needed to protect your employees, remain compliant, and succeed.

We Work on the Cause

Addressing symptoms alone fails to address the cause of the discomfort. Atlas staff works on-site with the employee to review work methods, identify the cause of the discomfort, and provide guidance on how to avoid further injury. Our professionals don’t hide in the clinic; they work where the work is done.

We Don’t Require a Big Commitment

Through our nationwide network of professionals, we can provide expert care almost anywhere and everywhere. The best part – we don’t need you to commit to a full-time position. We can provide support for as little as a few hours one day a week, if that is all you need or can afford. No matter how much time is invested, you can have full confidence that your employees are receiving expert care and training.

We can put together a plan that meets your needs.

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