Long hours, static posture, and relentless vibration put undue strain on the backs of commercial truck and public transit drivers every day. Nearly 6% of commercial truck drivers and 9% of public transit drivers sustain an injury while on the job. 

Drivers are not the only ones feeling the pain. One back injury can cost an employer $84,000 to $168,000 in direct and indirect costs. In addition, when you consider the commercial truck driver shortage, the costs keep mounting. A back injury can keep a driver off the road for weeks, reducing the amount of freight that can be hauled and causing significant impact to your revenue stream.

Ironically, your drivers are already surrounded by the ergonomic solutions needed to avoid back injuries.  Atlas’ patented process provides a simple and effective way to protect your drivers and your bottom line with assets you already own.

We Mark the Vehicle

Atlas provides a customized, engineered label system for your vehicle’s seat and steering column control mechanisms. The easy-to-read labels help a driver understand how each mechanism operates and what setting is best.

We Train Drivers

Atlas provides a short training video to educate drivers on how ergonomic features can protect them from injury, and how to use the Atlas system for maximum comfort and safety.

We Fit the Vehicle to the Driver

Atlas staff properly fits the vehicle to the driver, maximizing the ergonomic benefits that already exist to minimize discomfort and the risk of injury. Label settings are recorded and are provided on simple visual guides, allowing a driver to reproduce a proper vehicle fit without future assistance.

We Monitor Risk

As an option, we provide hard copy or onboard computer-based discomfort surveys to measure program performance and driver comfort levels. Drivers identified with higher levels of discomfort can be refit or supported by our Early Intervention services. Learn More

We Provide Training

The goal is to help your company become self-sufficient. Atlas provides the training to teach your team how to help avoid injuries. We show you how to fit a vehicle to a driver and how to respond to higher levels of discomfort.  Whether you want our team or your team to do the work, we are here to help you succeed.

Our patented and proven method reduces back injuries by simply and effectively empowering your drivers to take control of their ergonomic health. The result is a positive impact on your employees and your bottom line.

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