Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions Launches Soft Tissue Management Service


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Date: July 8, 2019
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Grand Haven, Michigan (July 8, 2019) – Continuing the mission of improving employee health and helping employers reduce workers compensation claims, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions ( has launched its Soft Tissue Management service (STM™).

Atlas STM™ is an affordable early intervention technique that addresses joint stress, fatigue, muscle discomfort and other precursors to a more serious, medically treatable condition.  Atlas’ nationwide network of expert physical therapists, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers can now provide a deep tissue targeted massage to improve tissue mobility, increase blood flow, and reduce discomfort.  The service is designed to address conditions before an injury occurs, which in turn improves worker readiness, reduces the number of reportable injuries, and lowers workers’ compensation costs.

Atlas STM™ was launched based on an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) letter of interpretation dated May 23, 2019.  In the letter, OSHA clarified that soft tissue massage is considered first aid and not a recordable medical treatment, and does not fall under the reporting requirement for work-related injuries and illnesses.  More importantly, the letter made it clear that no matter the professional status of the treatment provider, providing soft tissue management services is part of what OSHA considers to be first aid.

“Prior to OSHA’s clarification letter, employers could easily have believed their service provider options for deep tissue massage were limited,” says Drew Bossen, executive vice president of Atlas IPS. “That belief led to abnormally high service prices and limited the number of employers who could afford using the technique to keep employees healthy and on the job.  Through this clarification, we are now able to offer the service to employers at a fraction of the current market price.”

Atlas STM™ augments the already comprehensive suite of injury prevention and wellness services offered by Atlas IPS. Designed to work either as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader injury prevention program, Atlas STM™ provides a first-step care technique intended to address discomfort at its onset.

“Employees who are experiencing an increased awareness of discomfort, heaviness, tightness, or fatigue are ideal candidates for the soft tissue management protocols Atlas STM™ delivers,” says Bossen.  “We are able to provide symptom relief, but uniquely we are also determining the root cause of the discomfort and providing jobsite employee coaching or ergonomic solutions which most employers want.”

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