AtlasWork™ 2.0: A Leading Injury Prevention and Management Software gets an Upgrade.


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Date: August 13, 2018
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Grand Haven, Michigan (August 13, 2018) – In 2007, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions began working with Cargill Protein to help prevent injuries company-wide. One challenge of working with Cargill was managing and maintaining data on the requirements and risks of the many different jobs and work sites within a very large and complex organization.

As a result, in 2011 Atlas began collaborating with Cargill's corporate ergonomists and plant ergonomics coordinators to develop AtlasWork™; a web-based application designed to manage the requirements, risk, and restrictions of work. AtlasWork™, however, was designed to not only address the needs of meat processing, but also of any job involving physical labor, including positions in manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, construction and many service industries.

AtlasWork™ records the physical requirements of work through the use of job demands data. The ability to upload videos, images and job procedures provides a more complete understanding of each job's requirements. The application also streamlines risk analysis by automatically populating industry-accepted ergonomic risk tools, facilitating discomfort surveys, and analyzing incident and injury information. Risk reduction solutions can be tested for potential impact, recorded, and tracked for closure.

Since its initial release, AtlasWork™ has been employed by numerous companies in a variety of industries to share information between human resources, operations, loss prevention, safety, and workers’ compensation team members. By doing so they are able to monitor injury prevention program performance and make better decisions to reduce injury risk and costs.     

As with any software application, AtlasWork™ continuous improvement is needed to meet today’s everchanging workforce requirements. The release AtlasWork™ 2.0 is the next step in that evolution.  Some of the upgrades include:

  • Providing a job home page where all job-related information can be viewed and easily accessed.
  • The ability to easily transfer job demands data from one job to another, saving recording time.
  • Projecting what effect a change in a job will have on ergonomics risk analysis scores to improve the solution development process.
  • Archiving documents before and after a change or the implementation of a solution to improve historic recordkeeping.
  • Adding a merge function where demands data for multiple tasks can be combined into a job, supporting both individual task and overall job analysis.
  • Adding a data export function where all data within AtlasWork™ is exportable, making further data analysis limitless.

Tony Silva, CPE and Director at Atlas says, “AtlasWork™ has always had the functionality required to support a successful ergonomics and injury prevention program, from capturing job demands, completing ergonomics risk assessments, documenting root cause and solutions, and getting injured employees back to work more efficiently.” Tony goes on to say, “This upgrade significantly improves and simplifies how users do so. We were especially focused on how to support users with limited ergonomics experience, and how to make risk analysis intuitive.”

Dave Brodie, CPE and corporate ergonomist at Cargill says, “AtlasWork™ is unique in that it addresses the needs of and improves collaboration between safety, operations, human resources, health services, and workers’ compensation team members within one web-based software platform. By eliminating the silos between connected departments, we can all work from one living data set and make more accurate and better decisions.”

To learn more about AtlasWork™ software, contact Tony Silva at (616) 844-6322, extension 3206 or

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