Atlas and Cargill to Share Experience Optimizing Team-Based Ergonomic Efforts


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Date: June 9, 2011
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James Landsman
Atlas Ergonomics
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GRAND HAVEN, Mich.,  —June 9, 2011— Implementing a corporate ergonomics program is a major investment and commitment for a company, and measuring the success of this investment demands accurate, timely data from all participants, ideally working in teams. But obtaining such team-based data can be notoriously difficult for employers, who are reluctant to divert time and attention from production.

Over the course of 18 months Cargill, Inc. worked with Atlas Ergonomics on a team-based project to optimize plant floor and ergonomics assessment activities to create an accurate, efficient, and timely launch of an ergonomics program.  A data-oriented program was implemented in 11 Cargill plants (currently expanded to 30) focusing on easy-to-use data collection tools for teams with 6-12 members.  The immediate results of the project was a solid foundation for an ergonomics program that provided value for operations, human resources, medical, training, and safety departments within the organization.  The key to the success of this project was managing time, talent, and resources to generate a sustainable process.

Atlas founder Drew Bossen and Cargill ergonomist Dave Brodie will present a case study on the pioneering effort at Safety 2011 in Chicago.   The session, titled “Ergonomic Assessments; Optimizing the Team Approach” will start on Tuesday, June 14 at 3:00 p.m. The presentation will focus on how assigning tasks effectively can optimize the time used to perform ergonomic assessments and the accuracy of the results.

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