Workforce Temperature Screening

The Exponential Risk 

The health of your employees and keeping your business operating as routinely as possible is going to be a new challenge we all experience under COVID-19.  Maintaining your employee’s health and wellness is going to require multiple solutions to reduce exposure and any negative health impacts on your operation. To help reduce exposure risk, employers are using CDC guidance on temperature screening procedures for employees.

Onsite Employee Temperature Screening

At the beginning of each shift, our healthcare professionals conduct non-contact temporal scans, keeping the process quick and effective. If an employee’s temperature exceeds the CDC guideline, they are directed to follow isolation instructions defined in advance with you.

Technology Support

Technology-based temperature screening options like kiosks and thermal scanning camera systems often recommend a secondary screen option for flagged employees.  We provide healthcare professionals who monitor your technology, conduct non-contact temporal scans, and provide direction as needed.

Atlas provides:

- Protocol development and program management
- Non-contact temporal thermometers
- One or more onsite healthcare professionals at each shift change
- The ability to immediately isolate at-risk employees in an employer-designated area
- (Optional) Random temperature audits during the shift

Wellness Support

As another option, while we are onsite our healthcare professionals can answer employee questions and provide support.  More importantly, however, they can provide Early Intervention support for any employee with discomfort or muscular sprains and strains, and keep them away from the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, or doctor’s office.  To learn more about our Early Intervention services click here.

Nationwide Network

Atlas has a nationwide network of healthcare professionals ready to assist your organization in this time of crisis.  We can coordinate services for one or multiple locations across the country. That means no matter where your business operates, we can help you protect your people with our workforce temperature monitoring program.

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Some of our Clients

What our Clients Say

“It was a pleasure working with Atlas when setting up our temperature screening protocols.  Each of our sites presented unique challenges and Curt and his staff were professional throughout the entire developmental process.  Once our screenings commenced, Atlas was good about circling back with us to make sure everything was going smoothly.  I would highly recommend Atlas to any company needing temperature screening services.”

Jim Withers, Ph.D., CIH, CSP
Corporate Environment, Health & Safety Director
American Packaging Corporation

“Atlas has provided exceptional screening service to AOB and we value the partnership created. From their knowledge and attention to detail in launching the process, to their flexibility and responsiveness in accommodating protocol and schedule changes, it has been a pleasure working with Atlas. I would highly recommend them to any company needing health screening services.”

Danielle Cirillo
HR Program Manager
American Outdoor Brands Corporation


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