Home Ergonomic Support

The Ripple Effect

Working from home comes with its challenges, especially if the change has occurred quickly and an employee doesn’t have the furniture and ergonomic products they usually have in their office.  They can quickly develop discomfort—leading to stress, sleep loss, lower productivity, and possible injury.

FREE access to our office ergonomics software

Atlas is here to help by offering FREE access to AtlasOffice™, our web-based office ergonomics software tailored to help get your employees comfortable and productive while working from home.

Atlas provides:

- A ten-minute online survey
- An automated report providing specific recommendations based on survey responses
- Training materials including tips for working at home, stretching, stress management and mindfulness
- A simple guide to low-cost, off the shelf office ergonomic solution

People in Real Pain Need to Talk to Real People

Our software will address the needs of most if not all of your employees.  However, if an employee would like additional assistance, they can quickly and easily order one-on-one telephonic ergonomic support for $125.00.  They will speak with an ergonomist about their home office workspace, how to use in-home items to improve their situation, and if absolutely necessary discuss low-cost off the shelf products they can consider purchasing.  If your employee does not want telephonic assistance, Atlas will NOT reach out to try to sell them the service.  We promise.

Since 2002 this has been our area of expertise and we want to do our part to help.

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