COVID-19 Solutions to Help Maintain Productivity

Workforce Temperature Monitoring

The health of your employees and keeping your business operating as routinely as possible is going to be a new challenge we all experience under COVID-19.  Maintaining your employee’s health and wellness is going to require multiple solutions to reduce exposure and any negative health impacts on your operation. To help reduce exposure risk, employers are using CDC guidance on temperature screening procedures for employees.

At the beginning of each shift, our healthcare professionals conduct non-contact temporal scans, keeping the process quick and effective. If an employee’s temperature exceeds the CDC guideline, they are directed to follow isolation instructions defined in advance with you.

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Production Employees

Even with COVID-19 hanging over us, soft tissue injury risk does not simply disappear and may increase due to stress or increased production demand and overtime in some industries.  To help you maintain a productive and safe operation:

First, we offer onsite Early Intervention services to help address employee musculoskeletal discomfort and pain.  We do so through assessment, OSHA allowed first-aid, worksite assessment, and one-on-one job coaching with full-time or part-time staff (as little as a few hours per week).  Our historic client data shows we address 90+% of the soft-tissue concerns presented to us without the need for further medical care.

It is important to note the COVID-19 pandemic has led our clients to report an important outcome of the service.  By providing employees onsite care, clients can avoid sending them to the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, or even a doctor where exposure to COVID-19 is the highest, and where care may be significantly delayed or not occur at all.

Second, we offer Early Intervention services at local physical therapy clinics.  Employees can be assessed and provided care to address symptoms.  While this option requires an employee to visit an external site, COVID-19 exposure risk is greatly reduced when compared to other options.  With this service, some restrictions apply.

We believe soft tissue injuries are best assessed and cared for with hands-on services.  However, for current clients who are no longer comfortable with onsite or at-clinic services, we offer a telephonic support option.

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Third, if your current outside visitor policies are limiting, we can provide distant ergonomic assessment and solution development.  We can also provide distant-learning ergonomics training for employees, supervisors, and professional staff. 

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