Return-to-Work Physical Ability Screens

When employers think about physical ability screens, they typically think about a post-offer pre-employment configuration. In the right environment, programs focused on job applicants have an exceptional payback and an immediate impact on reducing injury risk and related costs.

However, it is important to not lose sight of the impact of a physical ability screen program focused on employees who have been injured and released to work by their physician.

Here are some important points to consider:

  1. These employees have a higher risk of injury (or re-injury) than most, if not all, job applicants.
  2. Rarely do physicians take the time to understand the physical demands of the job to which the employee is returning.
  3. If the physician does review the physical demands of the job, they do not physically test the employee’s ability to safely meet those demands.

In short, it is often no better than an educated guess if the employee is physically ready to return to work.

Also worth noting is there is no additional cost to expand an Atlas post-offer pre-employment physical ability screen program to include a return-to-work assessment option, and the cost of our assessment is a fraction of the cost of a traditional Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).  

If you are interested in exploring your options for return-to-work physical ability screen services, please contact us. We are confident you will like what you hear.