Onsite Early Intervention

Get ahead of injuries and keep your employees healthy

When your employee needs medical care, you must provide it. However, not every pain requires a doctor. In fact, 90 - 95% of all reports of discomfort can be addressed effectively without medical treatment. Atlas can help those employees who are in pain but have not yet experienced an injury. We work with you to help keep them injury-free and on the job.

We Address Symptoms

In many situations, employee discomfort can be effectively addressed with first aid. However, it is crucial for qualified staff to first assess the situation correctly and determine the proper course of action. Next, it is equally important to address symptoms initially through first aid measures. Atlas provides you with the expertise and protocol needed to protect your employees, remain compliant, and succeed.

We Work on the Cause

Addressing symptoms alone fails to address the cause of the discomfort. Atlas staff works onsite with the employee to review work methods, identify the root cause of the discomfort, and provide the employer ergonomic guidance or the employee method coaching on how to avoid further injury. Our professionals don’t hide in the clinic; they work where the services are needed.

We Provide Options

Through our nationwide network of professionals and 24/7 telephone triage team, we can provide expert care anywhere and anytime. 

  • Onsite SupportOur certified early intervention specialists provide your employees face-to-face personal care within your facility to address their discomfort and teach them how to avoid injury. Best of all, we don’t need you to commit to a full-time position. We can provide support for as little as a few hours one day a week.

  • At-Clinic Support – If your facility is small or ongoing onsite support doesn’t fit your budget, we provide an at-clinic option where we can care for an employee with an ache or pain. We can even provide an option where our certified early intervention specialist visits your facility to review work methods and provide jobsite coaching.

  • 24/7 Telephone Triage – If you need assistance (support) outside the hours of onsite support or you are not primarily focused on musculoskeletal injuries, we can provide 24/7 telephonic care for all injury types through our partnership with TriageNow. Uniquely, we can link this service to either our onsite or at-clinic professionals to address musculoskeletal symptoms and their root causes more effectively than simply sending an employee to Urgent Care or an Emergency Room.

No matter where you live, Atlas is there. We have teamed with a select group of the best healthcare professionals across the country. Chances are there’s an Atlas professional in your community. It’s our commitment to keep your people injury-free and your business on track.

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