Software: Safe Patient Handling

Lifting and moving patients, if not done properly, can result in substantial injury claims and risk patient safety. However, all of the safe patient handling equipment in the world can’t help your staff if they’re not using it properly.

What stops your staff from using the equipment you have invested so much money in?

The answers can include facility design, equipment, employee competency, your culture, or simply poor oversight. Finding the right answers is even more complicated since they can vary by department and over time. If you feel like you are in the middle of a maze, AtlasGuide™ can help you find the way to sustain and even improve your program.

Creating a Map

Before you can find your way, you need to know where you are. Our web-based solution defines program performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as potential injuries before they occur. AtlasGuide™ will:

  • Track injury rates and costs over time by unit/department or by injury mechanism
  • Define staff behavior and barriers to proper equipment use by unit/department, job description, or individual
  • Measure competency levels by unit/department, job description, or individual
  • Show cultural shifts by unit/department, job description, or individual
  • Uncover pre-injury discomfort for early intervention
  • Give employees online training for quick, easy reference

AtlasGuide™ makes what seems complex, simple and clear.

A Guide to Success

With a clear map drawn for you, AtlasGuide™ can help you move forward with your plan. We show you exactly where you need to prioritize investment in facilities, equipment, training, culture change, or other solutions. With AtlasGuide™ you can focus your resources on what matters most to improve your program results.

Not sure where to go? Let us show you. Call us or email us to talk about your current programs and concerns.

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