Truck Ergonomics Provides Bottom Line Results


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Date: March 20, 2006
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Schneider National, Inc.

Green Bay, Wis. and Grand Haven, Mich.-March 20, 2006-Similar to other "Best in Class" organizations, Schneider National Inc. measures performance throughout its organization. In 2005, those measurements put the spotlight on an unexpected group: Schneider's safety and loss prevention team. This team had a significant impact on the company's bottom-line improvement, helping to reduce workers' compensation costs by more than 9 percent.

The improvement was gained through initiatives that addressed both accidents and the risk of injury. The injury reduction strategy utilized Atlas Ergonomics' transportation system, which eliminates the stress and discomforts of driving, reduces in-cab injuries, reduces back injuries outside of the cab, and lessens fatigue. Within six months of implementation, the percentage of drivers reporting discomfort dropped by more than 47%.

Surprisingly, these noteworthy improvements were accomplished without changes to the cabs, because Atlas helps drivers use the ergonomic adjustments already available to them more effectively. The Atlas system then measures remaining discomfort, identifies specific drivers who require special attention, and recommends appropriate actions.

"At Schneider, Safety First and Always is our primary core value," said Don Osterberg, vice president of safety. "We moved forward with the Atlas system to keep our drivers safer and more comfortable. The Atlas Seat Marking System provides an opportunity for our drivers to use the full value of their seat whereby, drivers feel better, perform better, and are less fatigued." We knew we had succeeded when we saw 114 fewer lost time injuries. Osterberg explained further, "At the start of the program, our objective was simply to help our drivers and the financial impact was less clear. Now after six months, we are confident that we have seen a favorable return on our investment.

"We are certainly very pleased with Schneider's results so far," said Drew Bossen, executive vice president of Atlas Ergonomics. "We believe, however, much more can be accomplished. We now have over 15,000 driver surveys, which provide invaluable data telling us where driver discomfort occurs and why. We are now using that data to identify root cause issues and define solutions to further improve performance."

Bossen reflected, "Historically the term 'ergonomics' has been unfortunately associated with burdensome legislation and never-ending training. At Atlas, we care for the health of the worker and also focus on providing our clients a measurable return on investment. By balancing both needs, we can provide a sustainable solution that can be embraced by all stakeholders."

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